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The Bone Maker by Sarah Beth Durst

Just fantastic. There is a dearth of broader published fantasy featuring the After. What happens after we win? What happens after the bad guy is vanquished and peace restored? How to you come back from that? Can a person come back whole and unmarred after the trials of war? How far would you go to regain whatever it was you lost? Sarah Beth Durst examines the After with such skill that I am still in awe three days later. In a modern publishing cycle where plucky 18yr old's gaining powers and saving the world runs rampant, it was a delight to journey along with skilled adults who have already Done The Thing. People who are confident and savvy, whose learning curves are more introspective than martial. A study in the relationships forged over decades and the love between people that has already been tested, broken and re-forged. "Getting the band back together" has always been a favorite trope of mine, and The Bone Maker is in great company next to Nicholas Eames'  Kin