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Black Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse

Gripping, engaging, suspenseful and frustrating....only in that I need the rest of this series in my hand. Right now. I want it all. Roanhorse does not disappoint; from her creative - yet respectful - use of pre-Columbian native peoples, to the world building (a magical pet! And it is GIANT!) and the political scheming of her characters at every level. Throwing the reader right into the plot, Roanhorse manages the truly impressive in launching in medias res across four seemingly disparate plot lines. Though they are quickly intertwined - whether through geography or over-arching schema - each voice stands on its own: a sea captain left to dry out in prison, a priest pulled onto a riverbank, a young boy on the verge of becoming something more, and a military man whose peaceful days are interrupted by tragedy. Each faced with impossible challenges and decisions that must be made in order to ensure the world as they know it or wish it to be does not fail. Black Sun 's pacing is whipl