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The Hollow Places by T. Kingfisher

  T. Kingfisher continues to delight with a horror entry that kept me from reading into the wee hours of the night... mainly because I was afraid a portal to a creepy, nightmare dimension would open up in my bedroom and let the roots in. I first came across T. Kingfisher's books following a twitter suggestion from author Angela Boord (whose knockout novel Fortune's Fool is well  worth your time) and proceeded to tear through Swordheart  and Paladin's Grace  at an embarrassingly swift pace. Both are lovely studies in romantic fantasy and laugh-out-loud funny, so I was not sure what to expect from a horror novel by the same author. To be honest, I am a little mad at myself for doubting Kingfisher at all. The Hollow Places  is a grab you by the collar rollercoaster of a read. Engaging, terrifying, and just as laugh-out-loud funny as her romance entries have proven to be. Moments of suspense are  balanced with a necessary levity and humor that readers of Kingfisher have come