The Empress of Salt and Fortune by Nghi Vo

Ever read a book that leaves you at an absolute loss in your current scope of knowledge, hungering for more but unsure of where to even begin sating that clawing need?

I need more of Rabbit, Chih and Almost Brilliant. I need In-Yo’s quiet smiles and I need to understand the spreading depths of the tradition and lore from which The Empress of Salt and Fortune unfolds, but most of all I need to discuss the rebellions and relationships Vo weaves together in a gorgeous text which manages to be concise yet sweeping at the same time.

A catalogue, a history, a tactical guide and spiders web; Vo’s debut novella grasps you by the lapels and rips you from the modern world, all the while wrapping you in an eiderdown comforter and kissing you goodnight. It is a fairy tale and a lullaby, a portrait of resilience and an ode to the quiet strengths of women who bide their time and reap vast reward.

Simply. Beautiful.

For fans of: Circe, The Priory of the Orange Tree, The Life of an Amorous Woman

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