Fortune's Fool by Angela Boord

Hands down, one of the best books I read in 2019, with a story that grips you by the heart with Kyrra's metal fist and squeezes.

This was lovely, horrifying, intriguing and altogether a fantastic read. I was still reeling twenty-four hours after finishing the novel, hastily scribbling fever dream conspiracies and little dangling threads left unsolved on bits of paper. Someone get me red twine because I have a webbed map to weave.

I'm going full Charlie Day over here.

The author, Angela Boord, has quickly become a hero of mine. Managing to put to paper a story this complex, yet still tight and concise, while mothering NINE children has me in awe. I anxiously awaited the release of her short story turned novella, Smuggler's Fortune, and now cannot be bothered to cook, clean or engage with my family as I am busy eating up all that is Kyrra, Razi and Nibas. I should savor each word, take my time, as at this point the wait for Fool's Promise is only going to be painful.

For fans of: mercenaries, strong female leads, AGENCY FOR ALL! Lore and world building, combat, war, political intrigue, Renaissance style and an honest, respect based romance at the center of a baller high stakes fantasy plot.


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