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The True Bastards by Jonathan French

Jonathan French is an author who surprises. Just as with Grey Bastards , there are times where you think, "Oh, I am a crafty reader. I know where this is going!" And two pages later you realize, "I am a fool-ass." And then three pages later you're left staring in shock at what you just read, while possibly gripping any number of places on your body and saying "Ow." The True Bastards is a wild ride through the Lots which takes us to places we know well, and then draws back the curtain of corners of Hispartha that we've yet to see. Through the eyes of Fetch, the reader is given a unique perspective into the tough-as-warhog-hide world she inhabits and what it takes to survive. True Bastards certainly holds the line alongside Grey Bastards as an equal; each brings loads to the table in terms of character, plot and nasty foils for our mongrel heroes. True Bastards certainly dials up the weird in a way that caught me off guard, and I loved it. If y